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This content will actually be in a tab on the Donald Trump frame

Sample publisher article

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Donald Trump, Umpqua Shootings, Tom Hanks,  Katy Perry, Tesla Motors.


This is a sample article on a publisher’s site. When links in the article are clicked a panel on the right of the screen is revealed showing Newslines’ archive information. The panel takes advantage of unused space at the side of the screen in widescreen monitors.

The panel allows readers to look up information while staying inside the publisher’s site. The publisher gains user retention, engagement, user experience, time on site, and revenue share.

Note: this is a prototype. In the final version the colors and the header will match the publisher’s site, and will be much faster.

The initial view in each panel is the newsline of the topic, which comprises a summary of the topic, and various news about the topic added by newslines contributors.

Each newsline is a hand-curated compilation of news events, designed specifically to give readers a fast overview of a topic. The default view has the most recent news first. Readers can use the buttons in the panel header to reverse the view to give a “biography view” of the topic. They can also filter the newsline to only show particular event types, such as interviews or arrests.

Readers can open multiple panels for different topics. Panels can also show weather or other information that is not related to a specific topic. For example, we can use the reader’s location to show local business or restaurant listings.


Each panel will have multiple tabs (not shown). Each tab will hold content related to the topic:

  • Tab 1: Newslines archive about the topic
  • Tab 2: Polls and surveys about the topic
  • Tab 3: Questions about the topic (like Quora)
  • Tab 2: Tweets by the topic
  • Tab 3: Newsfeed (RSS) from the publisher about the topic


The system is installed by either a single line of Javascript, or through a WordPress plugin. There is no extra load on the publisher’s server.


Author: Mark Devlin

Newslines admin

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